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Spies in Revolutionary Rhode Island

With Christian McBurney

Please join us on Sunday, April 12th at 2:00PM in the Community Room at Middletown Public Library for in interesting and informative presentation.   

Espionage played a vital role during the Revolutionary War in Rhode Island, both when the British and later the French occupied Newport and the rest of Aquidneck Island. William Taggart became a patriot spy and enlisted the help of his son to pass messages from Middletown to the American army at Tiverton. Portsmouth’s Metcalf Bowler became a traitor on the order of Benedict Arnold, as he spied for the British while professing to be a patriot leader.  Isaac Barker of Middletown passed messages to Lieutenant Seth Chapin, stationed on the Little Compton coast. Disguised as a peddler, Ann Bates spied for the British during the Rhode Island Campaign. When caught, John Hart was hanged as a spy. Author Christian M. McBurney, for the first time, unravels the world of spies and covert operations in Rhode Island during the Revolutionary War. Come hear Mr. McBurney give a book lecture on his new book, Spies of Revolutionary Rhode Island.

Please join us next month, May 3rd at 2:00PM for another interesting lecture in our 2015 speaker series when we present Mr. Frank Grzyband Mr. Ken Garthee - Touched by the Dragon


Please join us on Thursday, May 14th for the Middletown Historical Society Annual Meeting

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Do you have a question about the history of Middletown, RI? Do you ever wonder what became of your third grade teacher?

If so, please contact us at archives@middletownhistory.org and we’ll be happy to assist you.  Depending on the complexity of your request and the time required for research, a nominal fee may be charged.

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