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Please join us on Sunday, May 3rd at 2:00PM at the Historical Society Headquarters in Paradise School for an interesting and informative presentation.

Touched by the Dragon

"Touched by the Dragon is a collection of gripping naratives of Vietnam veterans from Newport County.  You will learn of the experiences of men and women, enlisted and officers, those in combat and those behind the lines, in a way that resonates far beyond Rhode Island.

Personalities emerge as the veterans discuss their prewar days, their training and preparation for Vietnam, their in-country experiences - some heroic, some frightening, some amusing, some nearly unbelievable - and their return to a country that didn't value their sacrifice.  Their stories speak of fear and survival and the paranoia of not knowing who or where the enemy was; the bullets, rockets, and mortars that could mangle a body or snuff out a life in an instant; and going home with a CMH - not the Congressional Medal of Honor but a Casket with Metal Handles.  The veterans also speak of friendships and simple acts of kindness.  Most important, they speak of healing, both physical and mental.  They tell America's story." 

Excerpted from Touched by the Dragon, copyright 1998, Frank Grzyb.

Frank Grzyb Ken Garthee
Please join us later in the month on the 17thth at 2:00PM when we present Mr. Russ DeSimone - Lotteries in Rhode Island: Three Centuries of History
Please join us on Thursday, May 14th for the Middletown Historical Society Annual Meeting

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Historical Research
Do you have a question about the history of Middletown, RI? Do you ever wonder what became of your third grade teacher?

If so, please contact us at archives@middletownhistory.org and we’ll be happy to assist you.  Depending on the complexity of your request and the time required for research, a nominal fee may be charged.

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