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Board of Directors Meeting - April 6th 5:30pm - Paradise school
April 9 - Paradise School - 2:00pm

From Slaves to Soldiers: The 1st Rhode Island Regiment in the American Revolution with Author Robert Geake

In December 1777, the Continental army was encamped at Valley Forge and faced weeks of cold and hunger, as well as the prospect of many troops leaving as their terms expired in the coming months. Plans were made to enlist more men, but as the states struggled to fill quotas for enlistment, Rhode Island general James Mitchell Varnum proposed the historic plan that a regiment of slaves might be recruited from his own state, the smallest in the union, but holding the largest population of slaves in New England.

Other Interesting Talks in this Series
May 18 - Middletown Historical Society Annual Meeting - North End Steakhouse - 5:30pm
Isaac Barker - Colonial Spy with Winifred Johannis
May 21 - Paradise School - 2:00pm
Closing in on the Endeavour Bark with Dr. Kathy Abbass
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